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Yes, this is my first post. Hello friends if you are visiting my site, let me do a self introduction. My name is Travis R Amos, I'm 35 years old, my profession is a Electronic Instrument Repairman, I live in O Fallon, MO. I began to write this blog because I really have met lots of interesting/ weird things, some of them are really very strange and funny, I want to share these stories with you friends, I'm glad if you leave a comment for asking question or give me an email, I will answer you quickly, by the way, my email address is, just enjoy my story

Best Joysticks in the Market

X52 pro joystick

This model appears quite overwhelming to new users and is the best joystick for flight simulator users.
-Custom Macros
​It takes some time to set up its' buttons with a flight sim, and when it is done, it's familiar and comfortable. Users can create profiles for different programs. Macros is also programmable. The best thing is that one button can multi-function for various effects, comes in handy when a maneuver has various facets that follows one right after the other.
The X52 Pro has more of touchability and maneuverability. The first set-up is like a fighter jet, the stick on the right and the throttle on the left side. It can be switched around just like a normal aircraft, with the stick on the left.
The controllers use a PlayStation2 connection. 
-. Multi-Function Display.
The MFD on the throttle reveals crucial game play information in real time. Switches, buttons and controls can be re-programmed even though the documentation on using it properly is a little thin.
Its' throttle is perfectly designed for both comfort on some long flights and speedy response for combat flights or flying. Two buttons are set aside for MFD and two rotary dials having buttons that can are set to steer or control game functionality.
Data for the MFD is directly in the game itself (that comprises the Radio Stack in Flight Simulator nine and ten respectively). The gear-heads can utilize the Software Development Kit to make their own programs that can communicate with the MFD.
-.Tight and Smooth.
It is built with a central mechanism that is complete with a non-contact construction on the Y-axis and X-axis respectively. The constant spring force makes the action tight and smooth, giving accurate control and a long life—no more wondering and watching over the joystick droop after some months of playing.
The joystick got four fire buttons and a missile launcher, with a full spring-loaded safety cover. The pink button permits the user to maximize twice the number of programmable commands.
Additionally, there are a rotary mode selector with LED indicators, two way 8 hat switches, 3 base-mounted toggles with up to six programmable commands, a handle adjustment fitting various hand sizes and a three-d rudder twist. It also has a two-stage metal trigger and an easy access to 2 major buttons.
-.Throttle Tension
It is adjustable to individual settings, and has detents for idlling and after-burner with 2 fire buttons. It has a scroll wheel with an inbuilt button,slider control, two rotary control, 8 way hat switch, a mouse controller.
It has a clutch button that permits the user to enter the "safe mode," allowing profile selection in flight, or figuring out the functions of button without activating any of them.
The joystick is approved as a pc simulator for XP64, all vista versions, It is a perfect mix of technology, ergonomics and value pricing.

 Unlucky guy's home hit by cars for 11th times in 30 years

Traffic accident is terrible, sometimes it only brings you little harmless or little damage on the car, sometimes it's very dangerous and may take off your life. It's hard to say couple Leigh and Tim McCall are lucky or unlucky, during 30 years their home was hit by cars for 11th times, the lucky point is no one gets hurt in the 11 accidents, that's weird, is there any one ever met 10th traffic accidents but never gets any hurt? That means every 3 years, a car will break in their house when they are watching TV on the sofa, how dare they decorate their house. That's funny and weird, sorry I'm not gloating.
Nowadays the family met their 11th accident, 29-year-old driver Katie Anderson Spears drives her Chevy Equinox breaking their house and crashed into their dining room when they are eating at the table. Can you image last second you are eating sandwiches, next second a Chevy crash into the wall and appear in front of you, and your favorite blanket also is damaged, damn! The couple were not surprised at all because there was already ten similar accidents happened before. Maybe their house was really cursed.
The woman said she drove too fast when she crossed the railroad tracks which is only 150 meter from couple Leigh and Tim McCall's home, she lost control of her car and the car crashed on some chain link fence and finally went through the wall and stopped at their dinning table. Tim was worried about the driver's health though she brought $10,000 damage to his house, Time was upset similar accidents happened again and again and it's the 11th, no one knows when the 12th will come and maybe next time they may don't have the good luck to avoid harming. "Yes, no one gets hurt, but what about the next time, maybe someone will get serious injury in the next time." Tim said so because he trusts the 12th will come unquestionably.
The couple believes the road design near his home has big defect, so they hope the government can build a stop sign in the road, maybe this method can prevent similar accidents, but the Gov refused their requirement. I think the Gov made a foolish decision, you can't blame all of these on "bad luck" or "coincidence" it happened again and again there must be some wrong on the road design, maybe the house is too close to the main road, they should do something rather than do nothing but blame "bad luck" next time. 

This interesting story comes from GoWeirdFacts, enjoy it.

Five weird story that how radio kills you suddenly

Bizarre death is not new to us, sometimes we even feel that traps are everywhere, nothing is impossible. For example, radio is so common and close to us, but one day, it may be the terrible causes of death. 

1. In Toronto, Canada, there is a story about an staff at CHIN Radio, it was a usual day, he never thought that he would die in a accident, he worked as usual, but when he was in the cab of a truck, his mobile studio’s antenna fell down, and unfortunately, it ended up on the cab roof and the whole cab was crushed. One moment in time, this staff lost his life. On my god, it is just like a plot of  Final Destination, but it is true.

2. This story is about three members of one family in Florida, sadly, they were all died of electrocution, they wanted to erect a radio antenna in their back yard, but their son accidentally lost hold of the pole, then the pole touched a power line. The consequence was very serious, they got an 13,000 volts electric shock. The father, mother and son all died of this terrible accident.  

3. A 28 years old woman named Jennifer Strange died at her home in suburban Rancho Cordova, but according to the coroner, she died of water intoxication. It was strange that why she drank so much water at home?  On further examination it was found that Jennifer had taken part in a radio contest called 'Hold Your Wee for a Wii', it was really a contest, the person who could drink a lot of water and couldn’t go to the bathroom was the winner, a Nintendo Wii video game system as a prize. Jennifer obviously wanted to become the winner, so she drank so much. No words to say. 

4. In North Carolina, a man named Rodney Michael Cates was wrecking his Mazda truck after it went off the road in a crash at night, but the radio of his truck suddenly flew out, hit his head and unfortunately killed Rodney. It is really an unfortunate thing, but truly happened.

So don’t belittle the radio of a truck. 

5. In Ireland, a truck driver hit another car, the car’s driver and the passenger were all killed, you would collapse if you knew the reason that the truck driver told the court, and he said that he was tuning the radio to the news when the accident happened. Yes, you heard right, a radio of the truck led to a tragedy again. 

Suicide woman jumped off Eiffel Tower, fell on a car and fell in love with the car's owner 

This story is very grotesque, and every man living in Paris know this story, if you travel to Eiffel Tower the guide will tell you it. Eiffel Tower is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world, it is also one of the greatest suicide attractions in the world - killing your self with the great views has big attraction to those suicides. France has a high suicide rate:17.5 suicides/1000 people every year,Jumping off the Eiffel Tower is the most popular method for those suicides.

There is no hope to live on if you jump off the 1,063 feet tower, but there are still some luck survivors who had ever jumped off the tower, the exact amount is two. One is a man, strong wind blown him to a rafter when he was in the air, so he didn't suffered strong bump and was saved when he landed on the earth; the other is more interesting, a woman, she suicide for love, when she jumped off the tower, she landed to the roof of a taxi, the owner of the taxi immediately sent the woman to the hospital and saved her life, finally the woman re-start her life and married the driver who saved her. That's really " fall in love."


In a bid to lessen the amount of suicides off the Tower, people built six-feet tall obstacles around the tower, it did very well and the suicide speeds have been down exponentially, now Paris still has 4-5 suicide case every year.